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"Keith is a marketing expert, but - more than that - a master at helping everybody succeed through creating win-win business relationships.​"


Gihan Perera 

"We’ve worked with Kevin for some time now, and we're delighted with the positive business results that we’ve achieved by following his guidance. We have more business, and more time. What could be better than that?​"   


Sue Kai 

"Keith has an amazing creative business mind where he can easily think of a solution and make it sound so simple to implement."


Linda Benn 



Co-Founder and

Club President


Keith Banfield is an acclaimed International professional speaker, business owner and has worked with hundreds of small business owners as a co-founder of Profit Mechanics, Business Success For Women, and the Business Results Club.


He has a passion for marketing and helping business owners to attract more clients, get more sales and make more profit, so that they can love being in business.


Through his talks, media programs, products and coaching, he has helped tens of thousands of business owners to achieve more. 





Co-Founder and

Club President


Kevin Picton has 25 years’ experience working with international retail and supply chain corporations across Asia Pacific, including Woolworths, Lenovo, and Samsung. 


At JDA Software, he grew a $4M international business unit to $45M, doubling profitability and achieving 95% customer satisfaction. 


Kevin has trained business professionals on 4 continents for more than 20 years, holds two Masters, is the founder of Sharpen IT - Training and Coaching, and co-founder of the Business Results Club.




The BUSINESS RESULTS CLUB success formula.

More customers, sales and time = Love being in business 


  • More customers

    When referrals aren't enough, we'll show you how to reach more prospective customers

  • More sales

    More traffic isn't enough.  We show you how to have customers choose you and buy!

  • More time

    Being 'Busy' isn't enough.  We show you systems that automate your work 

  • Love being in business

    With predictable sales and better delivery systems, you'll LOVE being in business again!


*Your Business Results Club Guarantee is simple.  We guarantee that, if you complete the Business Results Club program, and you can demonstrate that you've implemented at least 80% of the ideas we share with you, and you don't see revenue growth at least double your investment with us after 12 months, we'll happily refund your full purchase price. You can even keep all the materials we've provided to you. Can anything be fairer?

  • You'll return double your investment or

  • Your money back.

  • And you can keep all the materials

Kevin Picton

Club President, Business Results Club


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